ESIC Hospital, Basaidarapur



Dr Ramnik Krishan Duggal

HOD: Dr Ramnik Krishan Duggal: Specialist (Sr Admin. Grade). Medical graduate and post-graduate (MD Medicine) from University of Delhi. Underwent post-doctoral training in Nephrology at AIIMS, New Delhi and PGIMER, Chandigarh. Has done short-term courses in Nephrologyat Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA and at BHU,Varanasi. 10 scientific publications. Over 31 years’ combined experience in Nephrology and Internal Medicine. Involved in the setting-up and managing Nephrology Services at ESI Model Hospital, Basaidarapur since 2004.

Nephrology Services at ESIC Model Hospital & PGIMSR, Basaidarapur:

The department provides following 13 services to over 1200 ESI beneficiaries:

  1. NEPHROLOGY EMERGENCY SERVICES 24*7:Related to conditions such as hyperkalaemia, severe acidosis, fluid overload, uncontrolled hypertension, severe anaemia, uraemic pericarditis, and co-morbid conditions such as fever, sepsis, COVID 19, IHD, cerebrovascular accidents etc. in kidney disease patients.

  2. HAEMODIALYSIS SERVICES - (a)Providing in-house acute haemodialysis (Timings: 8 am to 8 pm on working days) & (b) making provisions for MHD (maintenance haemodialysis) and emergency haemodialysis (whenever needed – 24*7) at ESI tie-up centres.

  3. CREATION OF TEMPORARY VASCULAR ACCESS for haemodialysis: All temporary haemodialysis vascular access procedures including the most difficult/complex as well as the failed ones at tie-up hospitals are carried out in the Dialysis Unit of this hospital under USG guidance.

  4. NEPHROLOGY OPD SERVICES: Provided at two areas: (a) OPD block -– twice a week from 9 am till approx. 5 pm; and (b) Dialysis Clinic - all working days from 11 30 am till 4 pm (2 00 pm on Saturdays). OPD services for kidney disease patients are provided to referred patients from ESI dispensaries affiliated to ESI Model hosp. Basaidarapur as well as to those referred from ESIHs of NCR-Delhi and neighbouring states.

  5. COUNSELLING for kidney failure and dialysis: Diagnosis of CKD& the need for lifelong dialysis are like a bolt from the blue forall patients. Patients and their attendants have innumerable queries regarding this lifelongdisease, dialysis, AV fistula, kidney transplant, long-term outlook, dietary restrictions etc.

  6. NEPHROLOGY REFERRAL SERVICES: Attending to Nephrology Referrals in/of different wards/departments of hospital (About 20% of total hospital IPD patients have an associated kidney problem for which referrals are attended 24*7).

  7. Making provisions for permanent vascular accessi.e. AV Fistula or AV graft; attending to problems faced by patients with regard to various issues of permanent dialysis access.

  8. NEPHROLOGY INDOOR (i.e. IPD) SERVICES: Provided at18-bedded indoor ward

  9. Carrying out (nephrology specific) ultrasound examination.

  10. Making provisions forPermcath insertion(Permcath is a long – term dialysis catheter).

  11. Carrying out kidney biopsies(including allograft kidney biopsies) under ultrasound guidance - in liaison with Nephropathologist.

  12. Making provisions for kidney transplants at tie-up hospitals; post-kidney transplant follow-up and complications’ management.

  13. CAPD (i.e. Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis)/CYCLER PD (Peritoneal Dialysis)services.

In addition to the above services for patients,for doctors, bedside training/teaching is     imparted/provided in Medicine and Nephrology and spl. procedures including the procedures of Medicine specialty. Sr. Dialysis Technicians provide training to dialysis technician interns who are posted intermittently in the department.

Location of Nephrology Services:


Sr. No.

Name of service



Nephrology Ward

4th floor D3 building


Central Casualty (on call)

Ground floor, D3 building


Referrals from different wards including CCU/ICU

(Attended at various hosp. departments)


Dialysis Unit

4th floor D3 building


Temporary dialysis catheter insertions, kidney biopsies & other spl procedures

4th floor D3 building


Nephrology OPD

3rd floor OPD block


Dialysis Clinic

4th floor D3 building


(Nephro specific) Ultrasound exam

4th floor D3 building


Doctors and Technical Staff working in the department:

  1. Medical Officer with following job description: Scheduling dialysis sessions; comprehensive Nephrology ward round; first on call for central casualtykidney disease patients’ calls during normal hospital hours; spl procedures; guiding / assisting all other staff members; first on call 24*7 for IPD patients; Nodal Officer of the deptt for COVID19 and Dhanwantri + other ad hoc dutiesassigned including looking after departmental services when HOD is unavailable.



Mobile no.

Email id.

Dr Ganesh  Agrawal

Chief Medical Officer


(Brief of Dr Ganesh Agrawal: Working continuously in Nephrology deptt since its inception i.e. 2004.  Possesses post graduate qualification in Medicine. Underwent extensive training in Nephrology. Has completed advanced short-term courses in Nephrology: scientific publications in Nephrology)


  1. Medical Officers with following job responsibilities:Functioning as `Dialysis Unit Medical Officer’. OPD, IPD, &Dialysis Clinic duties; performing on-call shift duties (morning/evening/night – 24*7 on all days) of thedepartment as per roster.Nodal Officers for Infection Control/Biomedical Waste management + other ad hoc duties assigned.




Mobile no.

Email id.

Dr Veenu Jaura

Insurance Medical Officer Gr II


Dr Aakash Panara

Insurance Medical Officer Gr II


Dr Nikhil K.

Insurance Medical Officer Gr II



  1. Medical Officers with followingjob responsibilities: Performing on-call shift duties (night/morning/evening – 24*7 on all days) of the department as per roster; Dialysis Unit Med Officer duty + other ad hoc duties assigned as per requirement.




Mobile no.

Email id.

Dr Mohd Rashid

Chief Med Officer


Dr Ashish Kumar

Insurance Medical Officer Gr I



  1. Technical Staff:



Functional Designation

Mobile no.

Email id.

Mr Mukesh Kumar*

Sr Dialysis Technician


Mr Kapil Kumar*

Sr Dialysis Technician



*Trained in Dialysis at AIIMS, New Delhi. Working regularly in the department since 2004



Last updated / Reviewed : 2022-01-25



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