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Name of Department: Department of Anaesthesia and Critical Care



  1. Brief Detail of H.O.D.

Dr Divya Sethi – Associate Professor and Administrative Head, Department of Anaesthesia.  (M.D, D.N.B Anaesthesia)

Dr Divya Sethi completed her MD in Anaesthesia from Safdarjang Hospital and V.M.M.C., New Delhi followed by Senior Residency from A.I.I.M.S., New Delhi. Her areas of special interest include Regional Anaesthesia and Critical Care.  Dr Divya is an enthusiastic member of Indian Society of Critical care and Academy of Regional Anaesthesia. Recently, she completed training on ‘ultrasound in critical care’ and has also co-authored a book on ‘Regional Nerve Blocks’. She has published many articles in national and international journals, particularly in the area of regional anesthesia, pediatric anesthesia, and patient safety.


  1. Brief introduction of Department and Services Provided

The department of Anaesthesia and Critical care is providing safe and quality anaesthesia services for OTs, ICU and peripheral areas. ESIC- PGIMSR, Basaidarapur, New Delhi being a referral hospital and a teaching institute receives a large number of complicated cases for specialized surgical procedures for which anaesthesia is routinely provided in the operation theatres here. Besides orthopedics, eye, ENT, gynecology and general surgery cases; surgical super-specialties cases including Oncosurgery, Pediatric surgery, Plastic surgery, Urosurgery, and Reproductive medicine are performed in the OT. Each OT floor has dedicated recovery with ICU beds and monitors for peri-operative care of the postoperative patients. The department also runs a 6- bedded intensive care Unit providing critical care services to all surgical and medical specialties.


  1. Services Being Provided by the Department of Aneasthesia and Critical Care
  • Elective OTs (09).
  • Round the clock emergency OT services (03) (Surgery 01, Obstetrics 01, Orthopedics 01).
  • Intensive Care Unit.
  • Daily Pre- Anaesthetic Check-up Clinic (PAC Clinic).
  • Sedation/Anaesthesia in CT/MRI room.
  • IVF OT services.
  • Post-operative Care Unit (Dedicated 9 bedded recovery each on three OT floors).
  • Peripheral calls for resuscitation.
  • Overlooking functioning of Central Sterile Service Department (CSSD) catering to OT and entire hospital.
  • Overlooking functioning of Gas manifold and Oxygen plant catering to OT and entire hospital.


  1. Location of the services being Provided
  • 3rd Floor OT block has 5 modular OTs - Orthopedic, ENT and Eye specialties.  
  • 2nd Floor OT block has 4 modular OTs - General Surgery, Super-specialty surgical branches, Gynecology and Reproductive.
  • 1st Floor OT block has 02 Emergency OTs and 01 Family Planning OT.
  • Post-operative recovery: Each OT floor has 9 bedded fully equipped dedicated recoveries.
  • Intensive Care Unit:6 bedded ICU located on 1st Floor OT block.
  • Pre- Anaesthetic Check-up Clinic (PAC Clinic): Room No. 304, 3rd floor, MS building, OPD block Part B.
  • Sedation/ Anaesthesia for radiological investigations in CT / MRI room on ground floor, old building.
  • Casualty area and Ward: Peripheral calls for resuscitation.
  • Central Sterile Service Department - Ground Floor, Old Building.
  • Gas manifold and Oxygen plant: There are two gas manifold and oxygen plants in the hospital.


  1. List of Senior Doctors / Officers working in the Department



  • Dr. Anil Thakur

Professor & HOD  Academic

  • Dr. Divya Sethi

Associate Professor & HOD  Administrative

  • Dr. Madhu Gupta

Professor & Specialist

  • Dr. Ritu Lall


  • Dr. Naveen Kumar

Assistant Professor

  • Dr. Renu Bansal

Assistant Professor

  • Dr. Tenzin


  • Dr. Susheel


  • Dr. S. Paul


Last updated / Reviewed : 2022-06-29



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